Frequently Asked Questions

As a merchant, you are only responsible for paying the MDR rate (upto 0% for some tiers), while we pass on the Service charge directly to the user.
Absolutely not! To make your onboarding process smooth, we simply use verification via eKYC (OTP verification) of the proprietor and the GSTN of the Firm via Simple OTP verification which together takes less than 3 minutes.
While we have kept our code very simple and provided ample documentation for even an Amateur Intern to be able to integrate BharatX SDKs, we can provide technical support if required at a nominal cost. However, we strongly recommend you to have it integrated yourself.
Your customers can choose to use BharatX BNPL service during checkout while making a purchase. Once they complete the registration procedure (only for first-time users), they can checkout with just one tap and pay later for their purchases.
No! BharatX follows a simple digital onboarding process which anyone can complete within 3 minutes without having to provide any Documents or Physical Verification.
We receive back payments from the users via E-Nach, a safe and seamless payment method. The consent for E-Nach is collected from the customer at the time of the registration itself.
No, we require no manual verification for integrating our SDK or for receiving the product keys for commercial use.
Yes, you can upgrade to a higher tier product as your business grows!
Yes. Any customer who misses the payment deadline is required to pay the Late Fee charge over the actual purchase amount apart from the Service charge.
Yes. If the Partner app provides a facility to load money onto the user’s bank account or a Digital wallet owned by the User, then BharatX can be used as a method to load money onto it.