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  • Changing Lives
    young bold & ambitious
    110 Million Families
    Changing the lives of these families with our work.

Redefine credit for the Indian middle-class


More than 110 Million Families in India do not have adequate Income Documentation, despite having an Annual Income between 6 Lakhs & 25 Lakhs leading to zero access to Credit Products. We solve that!

Smart Business

Our B2B2C approach by embedding SDK in other apps ensures extremely low CAC, better usage, and a better fit for a user's needs.

Impact Led

We are driven by impact. Our operations and business decisions always put the impact we create for our customers in the first priority.

The A-Team

Ever wondered what it would be like to work with your college buddies? Well, here's your chance to work with friends, not colleagues.

Our Culture


BharatX is a small family that sticks together through thick and thin!
We don't have colleagues, we have friends & family.

Put your Life's Work into something meaningful.

At BharatX, we are driven by impact. We change the lives of people when we enable them access to Credit. Be it for meeting their emergency requirements, or uplifting their standard of living and fulfilling their dreams, we enable it all.

Ownership Driven

We have a high ownership culture. Go pour out your heart & soul into the work you do!

We are in it Together

We'll be there with you through thick and thin. If we win, it's your win. If you lost, we all lost.

Make Mistakes!

Build Fast, Break Fast, Grow Fast! We think making mistakes is the fastest way to Learn.

No Hierarchy

Friends first, Co-workers later! We don't have a hierarcy at BharatX, we are all part of a family.


Unlimited Paid-Time-Off

Next time you need time for a loved one's birthday 🎂 or a trip to Goa with friends 🍹 - just go.

P.S. do invite us too

Choose Your Own Device

We have no opinion on the device you choose. You choose the device 👩🏼‍💻 you want to work with!

Insurance for ALL!

You and your family (Spouse, Parents/In-Laws and Children) are all covered 🏥 with the best insurance policy out there!

Maternity & Paternity Leave

Because Hey! You both deserve to spend time with the little one 👼🏻

Bi-Annual Appraisals

When startups grow so fast, why should your financial growth be slow?

Best-in-Class ESOP Policy

You get either equal or better terms than founders for your ESOP Policy!

Meet the Team!


Each member of our team are hustlers and fun-loving. We are one of the most ambitious bunch of people you will find who aren't afraid to challenge the status quo.

team image

Mehul Nath Jindal

"Shayri sunoge?"
team image

Eeshan Sharma

"I am too rich to handle"
team image

Siddharth Venu

"Do you watch Anime?"
team image

Shyam Murugan

"I invented the word 'Blee' "
team image

Varsha Bonam

"I never shout at anyone!"
team image

Jainam Sanghavi

"How you doin!"

Our Investors

angel image

Anupam Mittal

Angel @ OLA & BigBasket
LP - Multiple VC Funds
angel image

Amit Kumar Singh

angel image

Prerna Goel

Founder, Stealth Startup
Partner - Vriksh Impact Partners
angel image

Ritesh Jain

Co-Founder - Infynit
angel image

Faiz Mayalakkara

Director - Investments,
Soverign Wealth Fund
Angel in 4 Unicorns

& many more

Work With Us

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