Lower Drop-Off rates

With a payment method that's accessible in a single tap, your user never drop's off due to low balance or OTP/passcode problems.

Revenue Boost

Easy access to credit increases your revenue directly by enhancing the spending ability of your customers.

Customer Retention

Access to credit on your platform provides you an edge over your competitors, increasing the stickiness of your customers.

Data Security

Our security protocols easily integrate with any cloud servers, making sure that your users’ data is safe.

Instant Approval

Your users get access to credit within 10 seconds via your app, without any documentation or physical verification formalities!

Customisable Design

Easily customise how our payment option looks on your app, with a few simple changes

A Seamless User Experience

One -time Registration

Your customers will be asked to give permissions to share data during the registration.

One-Tap Pay Enabled

Users can instantly complete checkout with BharatX Buy Now Pay Later in just one tap!

Payment Recieved!

You get the amount instantly in your account via your preferred method of payment which you have saved in BharatX dashboard.

Built to go live
in 30 mins

Less than 100 lines of code, by coders, for coders.

BharatX SDKs can be integrated by anyone within a couple of minutes, be it an intern or a CTO. We enable you to add Buy Now Pay later as a payment option in a DIY way, so that you can go live as soon as possible!

Ultra-light SDK

We do the heavy-lifting in our cloud to provide an SDK of only a few KBs, with no impact on the app's performance and battery usage.

Code that's "Poetic"

Our developers at BharatX work very hard to deliver you code that even anyone can understand in a few minutes and integrate in no time!

Your Customers will
simply love it!

We provide a straight-forward onboarding process allowing the users to register in less than 2 minutes without providing any documents or performing any physical verification.

Consent based

We take consent from users prior to accessing their financial data directly.

One Tap Pay

Give your users the added convenience to pay later and enjoy a seamless purchasing experience from BharatX tailor-made for your users.

No reconciliations
No extra accounting

Get paid instantly, in real-time!

You don't need to Reconcile payments on a regular basis or lose out on income from delayed payments. We transfer you payments instantly at the time of purchase in your preferred channel, just like you would receive normally from your customers!

No Hidden Charges.

No Integration Fees.

BharatX SDK Tiers

Choose from a range of BharatX SDK Tiers the best one that suits
your users' needs as well as in line with your business requirements.


Serverless to go live faster

<10 min.to integrate and go live


<5%denial chance


2.5%customer service charge




Mediumtraffic merchants


Serverlessintegration option

Integration Docs


Flexibility to scale faster

<120 min.to integrate and go live


<5%denial chance


2.5%customer service charge




Hightraffic merchants


Highflexibility at scale

Integration Docs