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Postpaid is a fast and easy way to pay for your cab rides and other online services. It offers hassle-free payments without you worrying about bank balances. Your users can select bi-monthly payment option based on their billing cycle.

How It Works ?


User books the ride on your ride hailing app or self drive vehicle subscription based app


While booking the ride, user selects postpaid option in order to avail this feature


Users gets to pay in bi-monthly credit cycles (order between 1-15th, and pay on 20th, order between 16-31st and pay on 5th).

Features You Will Love


Why integrate someone else's brand when you can make your own Khata product using our No-Code customisations?

2 Hour Integration

No Compliance Setups, no operational changes. For you it's another payment method, but for users, it's a blessing

Zero Risk

You take zero financial risk when offering this option and get your revenue just like you got before.

Like a Payment-Gateway

Works like a payment gateway. Integrate it like a payment gateway. Receive funds like a payment gateway on T+1.

Who should use this:

Targeted towards merchants operating in the Ride Hailing apps

Postpaid supports self drive vehicle subscriptions as well.

Have custom needs? No worries, postpaid can easily be integrated.

Concerned About Team Bandwidth?

Integrate in just 2 hours!