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The Bharat feature for Bharat!

The product customers
have always loved

From their childhood, be it buying that packet of bread or ordering in bulk for the in-laws who are visiting, the Middle Class Indian has been using Khata all their life! Why not have the same easy ordering process on your app?

How It Works?


The user places an order on your app using the Khata option on your checkout page. You get the payment upfront in your account on T+1 basis.


The user gets notified on the last day of the month about the amount they owe us using the Khata option, along with a grace period of 5 days to repay dues.


The user repays us within the grace period via the payment link sent to them or auto-debit option (if they have set it up). This automatically increases their credit limit.

Features You Will Love


Why integrate someone else's brand when you can make your own Khata product using our No-Code customisations?

2 Hour Integration

No Compliance Setups, no operational changes. For you it's another payment method, but for your users, it's a blessing.

Zero Risk

You take zero financial risk when offering this option and get your revenue just like you did before.

Like a Payment-Gateway

Works like a payment gateway. Integrate it like a payment gateway. Receive funds like a payment gateway on T+1.

What we recommend for:

Every Kirana store in India gives to all their loyal users! Now possible on your app too.

Khata is the best choice for every milk/subscription based app.

You can use it for customised solutions too 🙂

Concerned About Team Bandwidth?

Integrate in just 2 hours!